White Chocolate Drizzled Pancakes

Peterborough just keeps getting better and better, first BBQ food and now a proper dessert lounge!  Not to say their previous store wasn’t, it’s just that this one is so central! The previous store was out the way and not close to much so this new store makes so much sense! I had previously seen some images over on the Tamu Facebook page showing the interior and it looked amazing, it defiantly didn’t disappoint! I didn’t actually get any proper images of the interior but you can find many over on their Facebook page.

Ice Cream Selection Tamu


Everything about Tamu has had an overhaul, I love the new branding. I have nothing against the old branding however this is just so much fresher and gives both stores a modern feel. The menu boasts all of my previous favourites along with many new contenders and with the introduction of mocktails I feel a sugar high may be just around the corner. Tamu Menu

While we were seated and waiting for everyone else to be seated and the ‘event’ to begin so to speak, we browsed through the menu for a good half an hour. Everything sounds amazing, you still have the ‘create your own’ along with some pre built combinations including savoury crepes which I cannot wait to try. We did also visit the store a week after the opening however found out that they aren’t serving anything savoury yet, I was a little disappointed to say the least but will be going back to try them.

The night started with a delicious salted caramel brownie, as soon as I hear salted caramel I instantly say yes whatever it is. From there on we had food and drink brought to our tables and every single thing was delicious. It’s difficult to remember everything as there was so much sugar however we enjoyed everything very much!

White Chocolate With Strawberries And Marshmallows

After trying a variety of different sweet treats we made our way to the counter to order ourselves crepes and waffles. With it being an opening event and being fed so many other treats we only had a limited selection to pick from. I went for a waffle with Oreo and white chocolate, Tami went for a crepe with Oreo and chocolate sauce. The white chocolate sauce was similar to liquid heaven however I don’t feel liquid heaven would have contained as many calories! All of the crepes and waffles are made fresh in front of you, no pre packed rubbish! Warm freshly made waffles, what more could you ask for?!

Waffle with Oreo and white chocolate sauce

To be honest I didn’t know much about Tamu as a business but after seeing the brilliant night they had put on for everybody you can really tell how much they care about not only their business but the whole community. I’m really looking forward to visiting again very soon, with the amount of sugar I had it probably shouldn’t be a weekly occurrence however it might end up happening.. The team behind Tamu have done an amazing job with the rebrand and launch, bring on the sugar!