This isn’t a very ‘foody’ post however it does relate to food in a very far fetched way.

It all started on a client meeting in London, we started speaking about property prices and the difference between London and Peterborough which lead us onto house saving talks. I mentioned that Tami had set up a spreadsheet in which we planned all our meals, this has helped us so much. On a normal week I must have been spending at least £50-60 on food, maybe more, all because I wasn’t planning. Since using the meal planning spreadsheet I’ve cut it down to £20 for home food and £10 for work food however this is normally a lot lower, batch cooking is the way forward.

We discussed all of this over lunch, it was a place which I’ve been told is pretty big across Europe but we only have a couple in the UK. Don’t ask me the name, I have no idea.. It was a ‘healthy’ fast food place, bright colours and funny puns across the walls, that’s all the info I can give! We walked back to the clients office and carried on with work as usual for an hour or so until he brought up the saving stuff to his colleague. – It now went a little strange.

I expected this to be a simple talk about how we are both saving money however it ended up Tami and myself being filmed by a crew of 8 in my house for two days.

At the time of that conversation they were looking for people who are young and also saving to show that it’s not hard to save and provide some tips on how to do so. There and then my name was called across the office which a barrage of questions then followed. How much? How? etc etc and also a ‘ You look like you have friends’ so you’ll be good for this. I didn’t want to do it alone so ended up bringing Tami into it as well, she vlogs so I thought she would be better at it than me and she definitely was.

On the day of filming I was pretty nervous and I was only expecting maybe 3 people, some cameras and some lighting? The crew were supposed to be arriving at 9am however they ended up getting there at 9:30 which added all sorts of nerves, especially as I get pretty strange when it comes to being on time! So a crew of five arrives, this seems okay… Followed by thousands of pounds worth of gear, 4K cameras, huge lights, a backdrop and a dedicated sound person.

We started by having still shots taken for marketing material and featured images, the camera woman was separate from the rest of the team so left after around 2 hours , still photos seemed strange enough however it got even stranger.

After the whole house was rearranged we began talking to the camera, it’s so much harder than you think! We pretty much had free reign to say what we wanted to say however within our money saving tips we had to include a couple of specific words, it’s so difficult to say simple sentences when you know it’s all being filmed and used in national advertising!


We didn’t actually take many photographs over the two days of filming which is slightly ironic, there will be lots to see once everything goes live. I think the film is being edited now ready for January, I will keep you updated as soon as it’s out. There are going to be some cringey scenes for sure.. I am pretty proud of us though, we managed to do a one take walking/talking shot even if it did take a little while to get there. Really excited to see the finished product for sure.

Going to be trying to get a couple of recipes done this weekend to be up during next week, that’s the aim anyway! A simple chilli & basil thai chicken dish seems to be on the cards.