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Their smoker may not be imported from the south but their food certainly gives you a flavour of real southern BBQ food. When you first arrive it feels a little strange as you’re in a restaurant that resembles a superhero, sandwich shop by day, deep smokey flavours at night. They have done the best they can with what they have, giving the room a much darker feel than normal including candles and table covers.

You’re welcomed by a very friendly guy, I didn’t catch his name but from the Facebook page that can be found here, I’m going to guess it was Russell. I’m going to call him that for the rest of this post, let’s hope his name is Russell. We were seated and offered drinks instantly which is always nice as I hate having to wait to order drinks. We then had the specials explained to us, the chorizo and cheese stuffed burger sounded incredible but we had to go for the meat board as you just have to on the first visit to a BBQ restaurant. The menu has a variety of meals including a large number of sides, something I personally love as I like to pick lots of random smaller bits. Sundays are currently running a sample plater which includes a couple of different items, not sure what the difference is between that and the larger plater by cannot imagine it being very different. We shared the main meat plater for two which included; brisket, ribs, sweet chilli sausage, Jerk chicken wings, pickles, bread and coleslaw. Along with this we had two sides, there a variety of regular sides and premium sides, we ended up with two premium sides, the pulled pork bbq beans and sweet potato fries.

BBQ Nights Peterborough

Once our order arrived Russell let us know about the different aspects of our platter and what we should eat first, letting us know the brisket would get tougher as it cooled was so simple but made the experience a lot better. First of all I very rarely eat beef and if I do, it’s in the form of a burger however this brisket was amazing, I love it when you can see the colour of the smoke on the outside, the warm colours soaking into the meat, infusing it with a sweet hickory taste. The ribs has the exact same smokiness to them, a little tougher than I would have liked but the taste made up it! Sweet chilli sausage is probably my favourite type of sausage, it reminds me of being at a festival during the summer so it’s very hard for this do be done wrong for me, it was again really good. We ended up having quite a lot of sausage as it was included in the BBQ beans also but I couldn’t complain as they were also incredible. The beans had a health chunk of bbq pulled pork on top with a layer of sausage and beans below, much better than any of the BBQ beans I have tried to date including Bodeans and The Works in Cambridge. Sweet potato fries are another side that is pretty difficult to get wrong, again really nice fries and especially crispy which is something of a must for me. Back to the platter, the chicken wings.. These were probably the only disappointment on the board apart from the bread, I don’t want to fill up on bread when I have meat! The chicken wings lacked any real flavour, when you have jerk chicken you expect them to have a bit of a kick and a spice of some sort but these were more like very well cooked roast chicken wings. Can’t fault the cooking in anyway, only the seasoning. From my understanding they do change their chicken wings seasoning and switch between them so I would expect the others to be BBQ wings of some sort, something I will try next time!


Meat Platter Sundays Peterborough

BBQ Sides - Peterborough - Sundays

After NEARLY finishing off all of our food we debated desert, which was very hard to turn down! The specials for the day were Cola and Bourbon sticky toffee pudding which sounded incredible along with key lime pie which we were informed had a slight aesthetic problem but tasted amazing all the less. I’m sure we will be going back just for desert at some point as both of these need to be tried and tested.

At the end of the meal we had a small chat with Russell and another guy at the counter about different BBQ places, which for someone who currently has a bit of an obsession with BBQ food and food in general is pleasing. They seem really keen to keep learning about the food and improving, I can’t wait to see how this develops as it has the potential to be something great. I think they may have to take the plunge at some point and go full time BBQ if they are to ever build up to Sundays full potential which is something they could easily do in my opinion. Keeping their sandwiches during the day and BBQ at night but I’m sure a rebrand would be needed.

Visits to Sundays will be booked that’s for sure, I can’t wait to see how their food develops further and there is so much more to try on the very reasonably prices menu.


4.5 from 2 reviews